Điệu Nhảy Chết Người, Product Detail: Zombie Style


From Plank Road Publishing

by Teresa Jennings

Given the popularity of Psy"s big video hit, "Gangnam giới Style," and the natural, infectious urge to move sầu khổng lồ it, we thought a parody would be perfect fun. Plugging in effects lượt thích the pipe organ và theremin were naturals, but kids will enjoy singing, speaking, groaning, và nhảy in their own zombie style. (from Music K-8, Vol. 24, No. 1)

(Run time: 3:33)

What"s in a Singles Reproducible Kit?These are single song kits that include: a Piano/Vocal Part; a Singer"s Part with full rights khổng lồ reproduce, perform, và use it as many times as you need for your students; & high-quality full performance và accompaniment (instrumental) recordings.

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Prod. #
Product Description
Zombie Style - Downloadable KitDownloadable PDFs, Performance/Accompaniment MP3s, và lyric PowerPoint: 22.7MB

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Song Title
Zombie Style
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