Violet evergarden : the movie

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Sincerely KyoAniHumans understand their feelings. Especially important people. A new era is coming over time. Everyone dies someday. Someone who a person met becomes precious existence for that person. The chip core is love. Even if people never going to see each other, they live eternally in their hearts. Violet Evergarden. She & this series title express life strength. We are the same, too. Life is a Treasure.Violet got lớn know the meaning of "love" in the TV series. The word is involved in this sequel deeply. Telling some emotions through a letter has mental imagination. Yuris. He is one of the new characters in this series. His depiction is connecting Violet and Gilbert's destinies. In a word, every character is well-written in terms of development. Violet is still thinking everything of Gilbert. She is a doll but not just a doll. She is an automatic doll named pure human. Violet is continuing khổng lồ write letters to lớn many people. The root can also be said her dear Gilbert. Their relationship is straightforward in a good way và very emotional. Violet & Gilbert are thinking about each other a lot. The feeling means their true way of life. Like we are living in these peaceful ages without war, Violet & Gilbert are also living in their place so hard. That's why many people never stop living for something purpose. Strong or Weak. These are symbols of this movie. Humans die in the future. I even don't know when I would be dying.As a whole style, This movie is full of characters who cry. Not your typical melodrama. I felt like this movie is a love story more than TV series. It depends on you whether this is good or not. To me, it was very sweet. I have moved a certain scene so much. I cried many times while watching this movie. Combined with the effect, the voice acting was top-notch. Yui Ishikawa (Violet), Daisuke Namikawa (Gilbert), and Takehito Koyasu (Hodgins) did a stellar job. Their voice acting gave me an admirable impact. Not only movements but you should concentrate on every voice including three casts. Of course, art is also splendid. Beautiful, detailed, glorious. It's flawless. You can understand why KyoAni is one of the best anime studios. The music and theme songs are very wonderful, too.I can say this is the perfect sequel. You should watch this finale. No regrets.Thank you, KyoAni. I'll never forget this holy masterpiece.