League of legends

In the first season of LOL, 10 comedians - Caterina Guzzanti, Frank Matano, Elio, Lillo, Katia Follesa, Angelo Pintus, Ciro & Fru from The Jackal, Michela Giraud e Luca Ravenna - face off for six hours in a row lớn keep a straight face, trying everything to lớn make their opponents laugh. Whoever makes it khổng lồ the over wins €100,000 lớn turn over khổng lồ charity. Fedez presents together with Mara Maionchi.

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StarringFedez, Mara Maionchi, ElioGenresUnscripted, ComedySubtitlesEnglish, Deutsch, more…Español, Français, Italiano , 日本語Audio languagesItaliano, Italiano
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In the first episode of LOL, the 10 comedian contestants make their entrance into the theater. Fedez, MC and referee, explains the rules & kicks off the challenge. He và co-host Mara Maionchi watch the contest’s different stages from the control room. The opponents start “striking” with jokes và sketches but keeping a straight face gets harder than some might have thought…

In the second episode of LOL the competition gets heated. Frank Matano whips a “lethal” object out of his backpack & Caterina Guzzanti morphs into one of her most famous characters… For now, there is just one warning, but little by little as time goes staying concentrated & keeping a straight face gets harder for everybody.

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Lillo, Frank, & Ciro use their superpowers to try to lớn make the others laugh, while Elio performs on (and not only on...) the stage. Keeping a straight face gets particularly hard for everybody, and it’s time for the second elimination.

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The game is halfway through; after three hours some comedians get rebuked because of passiveness, while Pintus challenges his opponents with some new performances. Warnings và eliminations cascade, making the number of comedians that are still in the game drop even more.
Lillo shows off the power of his mind, and Ciro reveals what the American actors actually say during the interviews, while Elio gives us a peek at what’s under the Mona Lisa’s clothes. After all of these new “attacks”, red cards certainly aren’t lacking…
The game’s six hours are almost up, but among moments of pure sensuality, unexpected returns khổng lồ the scene, and a “playful” transformation of Katia Follesa, more than one will let a laugh loose. Who will be the winner of the first season of LOL?
DirectorsAlessio PollacciProducersChiara SimeoniNetworkAmazon StudiosAmazon Maturity Rating16+ Young Adults. Learn moreContent advisoryAlcohol use, foul language, sexual contentSupporting actorsCaterina Guzzanti, Lillo, Angelo Pintus, Frank Matano, Katia Follesa, more…Ciro e Fru dei The Jackal, Michela Giraud, Luca Ravenna