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You know you"re addicted to lớn Pokétháng GO when you stop caring about what people think và just randomly twirl in circles on the corner of a street looking for a Bulbasaur khổng lồ catch. There"s also that delightful feeling when you loông xã eyes with another person who"s also swiping on their phone—you both give sầu each other a knowing smile, as if you"re in a secret club.

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We feel the same way and we"re here lớn help you find the best Pokémon GO goldmines—areas chock full of adorable (yet fierce) creatures to catch và Pokéstops to stoông chồng up on Poghẹ balls. You might even land at a Pokémon thể hình or two for some epic battles. Are you Team Mystic, Valor or Instinct?

While there are some hotspots lượt thích downtown L.A. và a miles-long stretch of Hollywood Boulevard (even our beloved Jumbo"s Clown Room made the cut as a Pokéstop), we know it"s easy to lớn thua trận yourself in the game & forget about the traffic-heavy surroundings. Our danh sách of must-go locations is a special one. They"re areas that aren"t inundated with cars—lượt thích parks & beaches—và most importantly, they"re beautiful và fun parts of L.A. (for when you actually look up from the screen). We"ve even included some spots khổng lồ grab a bite just in case you need to lớn revive yourself. Think of these outposts as your Pokémon playgrounds. Happy hunting.

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LACMA isn"t just for art anymore. You"ll see the works in a new way, lượt thích a Urban Light with a Pikachu chilling in front of it, or the the muscle-y Machop getting ready to fight you in front of Jesús Rafael Soto"s "Penetrable" (those dangling yellow hoses). Not only does LACMA have a Pokétháng thể hình so you can get your battles on, but you can also make your way over khổng lồ the neighboring La Brea Tar Pits, lớn catch some more creatures. A fiery-maned Ponyta may be in your future. If you get hungry from trying to catch "em all, recharge with a delicious meal at LACMA"s Ray"s & Stark Bar, where you can also grab a craft cocktail...or two.

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Just lượt thích how you can find rare, nocturnal Pokétháng at night, water Pokémon are found near bodies of water. Take, for instance, Santa Monica Beach. On & underneath the pier as well as on the sandy beach is a mecca for all-things Pokémon, where you"ll find creatures like Psyduông chồng, Magikarp (who literally looks lượt thích a fish out of water here) and Seel khổng lồ add to your Pokédex. The best part is that you can make a whole beach day out of it & ride the Metro Expo directly there now. If you need lớn revive yourself after all that Poké-hunting, make a stop on the pier at JAPADOG, where you can nosh on gourmet hot dogs with Japanese toppings.