NameMinecraft APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.2+
Get it onGoogle Play

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE) is an outstanding trò chơi from the game play to the different graphics. Released by Markus “Notch” Persson, no one expected the trò chơi to be as successful as it is today with a series of impressive numbers. Offering unlimited creative opportunities, tải về Minecraft PE you enjoy exploring in this magical mở cửa world. Square blocks exist under different materials are familiar symbols while playing you will immediately see. So why is it so successful? Find the answer by installing, bellelook.vn will help you through many of the instructions below.

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1 What is Minecraft? – Introduce1.1 The trò chơi mode in the game Minecraft

Under Mojang’s development, the game has had unexpected achievements. Launched in November 2011 the game Minecraft quickly reached all audiences. Currently, the game is owned by Microsoft Studios with many attractive trò chơi modes. Normally, khổng lồ play you need to pay a fee, but at bellelook.vn, downloading 100% không tính phí Minecraft trò chơi has a thủ thuật too.


What is Minecraft? – Introduce

In the size of an independent đoạn phim game, it initially developed from individuals, not organizations. Few people think that Minecraft has the đứng top performance on all platforms from Windows, Android, iOS, xBox, … Players are không tính tiền to build on their own creativity while playing. A large place is welcoming you to many interesting features. Don’t let you wait any longer, let’s see what game modes are available below.

The trò chơi mode in the game Minecraft

There are 6 different modes, usually few people learn about the theory before playing but it will be an advantage for anyone who understands it. Spend some time in exchange for a noticeable difference in the results. Too good, right?



Players need to find available resources và then build up through their own thinking. If in other games need to lớn buy from the store with money, download Minecraft PE everything is free. The key is how lớn have beautiful buildings. Plus in the creative mode, you can hatch eggs lớn produce a wide variety of animals. Chú ý that staying underwater for a long time or touching lava will decrease HP.


As opposed to the creative mode, you need to vày everything lớn stay alive. Finding accommodation, food, & weapons is no easy task. However, there are 4 different levels khổng lồ experience: Easy (Easy), Peace (Peaceful), Normal (Normal) and Hard (Hard). If possible, players will still build the works normally. Also, you can destroy Ender rồng at The over Biome. While playing if you are accidentally killed, choose to lớn respawn at the last bed or at the beginning of the game.

Hardcore (Difficult)

For those who really have the bravery when entering this game mode. You cannot come back to lớn life once you die, everything will return khổng lồ its original state. It is similar to Survival, but the difficulty is raised. Of course, new lớn Minecraft you should play the mode with easy levels first.


Converge the common point of creation and survival mode. In Adventure, players can visit the entire bản đồ (map). Players are allowed to share their data in creative mode via the server.

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How to lớn play Minecraft PE

For more convenience during the game, I will guide you through some operations. Questions like how to tải về Minecraft PE for free or the like about the download problem probably don’t need it because you just need to tải về and install it. Particularly for quả táo you still need to access the Appstore & of course, it charges.

How to download Minecraft PE on your computer


Select Launch.


Go to gmail login step you can skip because we do not need to download through Google Play. Select the circle icon to return khổng lồ the trang chủ screen.


Choose a browser & visit bellelook.vn to download Minecraft.


Once installed, you can play the game normally lượt thích on Android.

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Minecraft PE hack version

A very convenient version for players with a built-in gian lận Menu in Minecraft. You can experience the features in both Official & Beta. Here are the features in Minecraft Pe mod.

Unlocked all in character editing. (Skin is not saved).God mode


Download Minecraft PE thủ thuật – Build your own world

Minecraft PE provides you with a lot of features that combine basic khổng lồ advanced trò chơi modes. Choosing easy or difficult chơi game is up khổng lồ you. A lot of cool things are waiting for you here, download Minecraft PE right away!