Cannot play Candy Crush Saga on your phone? Candy Crush crashes or just won’t allow you to connect to Facebook? Reliable fixes are available here to solve Candy Crush Saga crash or fails lớn load error on Android/iOS devices with ease now.

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"Cannot open Candy Crush Saga anymore. It just won"t allow me lớn connect lớn Facebook. & then it quits the game automatically. When I retried again, the same problem happened. Bởi you know how lớn fix it? I"m using app android phone."

"Candy Crush just won"t allow me lớn play the game on my iPad. I tried khổng lồ uninstall it & reinstall later. Nothing works. Gosh, vày you know how lớn fix this problem? I really love playing this game."


Are you having a similar problem with Candy Crush Saga? Your Candy Crush Saga is not loading or the trò chơi freezes or even crashes when you tried lớn play it on your Android/iOS devices? Relax! We have fixes for you here to lớn assist you solve Candy Crush Saga crashes or fails to lớn load error on game android phone or ios devices without losing any data. Just follow to lớn find the solutions now:

Fix Candy Crush Saga crash/freeze error on AndroidFix 1. Không lấy phí up android memory to reinstall Candy Crush SagaFix 2. Play Candy Crush Saga without FacebookFix 3. Fix Facebook connect trouble with Candy Crush load errorFix 4. Other fixes for Candy Crush freeze issue on AndroidFix Candy Crush Saga crash/freeze or load error on tiện ích ios deviceFix 1. Không lấy phí up tiện ích ios memory lớn reinstall Candy Crush SagaFix 2. Force a reconnect to lớn Facebook when Candy Crush fails to load/runExtra Fix: Friends not showing & cannot request tickets

Note: Please notice that sometimes the game phầm mềm crashes is majorly caused by outdated system & apps. Therefore, please be sure that your device is updated with all apps especially the game - Candy Crush that you are playing have been updated. Three things need to lớn be noticed: 1. Android/iOS system should be updated to a new or latest version; 2. Vị remember lớn update your phầm mềm store or Game phầm mềm to the latest version; 3. Download and install a compatible version of Candy Crush Saga APK/IPA for your phone.

Now let"s see how to lớn fix Candy Crush Saga not load, crash or freeze error on your phone now.

Fix Candy Crush Saga crash/freeze error on Android

You may now kiểm tra out which method with fix suits your problem with Candy Crush issue on your apk phone and follow khổng lồ get problems solved then.

Fix 1. Không lấy phí up game android memory lớn reinstall Candy Crush Saga 

When apk device has low internal memory, Candy Crush và other games may not be able to lớn play smoothly. Games & other apps may even crash. If you are having such a problem, just relax & follow below steps to get your problems solved right now:

Step 1. Extract/backup apk data into other spot such as PC or USB driveYou can try to directly let your PC khổng lồ recognize all data & extract them to lớn PC or external storage device.But if you don"t know where to find all apk data or worried about deleting or losing important files by mistake while manually transferring data, you may let MobiSaver for apk help. This software will delete any data on your phone. Instead, it will find all your data and help you to lớn extract data lớn new spot within only three steps.

Step 2. Delete files after extracting apk data

After you successfully extract android phone data khổng lồ PC or external storage device, you can selectively delete those files on your phone so to miễn phí up space for Candy Crush Saga.

Step 3. Uninstall Candy Crush Saga and reinstall it

Then your next move is lớn uninstall Candy Crush Saga và reinstall it again on your game android phone.

Note: If you have a Facebook tài khoản which is connected with your game, you"ll not thua trận levels after installing Candy Crush Saga on android phone.

If you don"t have one, you may thất bại all level. So you can directly try to play Candy Crush lớn see whether problems have been solved or not before you uninstalling it. 

Fix 2. Play Candy Crush Saga without Facebook

Some users replied that they can play without Facebook if their Candy Crush Saga fails lớn load or fails khổng lồ connect with Facebook account.

Go to Candy Crush > Wait till it loads & click Play > Choose a cấp độ to play now.

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This means to lớn play the trò chơi directly instead of connect your Facebook account. 

Note: This way indeed works & users can jump to next level when they finish the present level. But users may have to play all levels again if they failed.

Fix 3. Fix Facebook connect trouble with Candy Crush load error 

Go lớn Settings > Click on Developer Options > Scroll down till you see the apps;Find "Don"t keep activities" box và uncheck the box;Sign in to lớn Facebook on your phone, you can replay Candy Crush again.

If the box is already unchecked, try something else.

Fix 4. Other fixes for Candy Crush freeze issue on Android

If things still cannot be fixed, you can try below extra fixes:

1. Remove Facebook tài khoản from Candy Crush and re-add Facebook tài khoản again;2. Uninstall Candy Crush & reinstall it again.

Fix Candy Crush Saga crash/freeze or load error on ios device

If you are an ios user, you can follow below offered methods và access khổng lồ fix problems with Candy Crash Saga crash, freeze or load error on game ios devices now.

Fix 1. Không tính phí up quả táo memory to reinstall Candy Crush Saga

Step 1. Extract files on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

If have iCloud trương mục or iTunes updated in your iPhone, ipad tablet or iPod touch, you can try lớn backup data to lớn iCloud/iTunes so to không tính tiền up space on game ios device.

If you need a more secure way lớn protect your privacy, you may need khổng lồ extract data and files that you won"t use quick frequently into PC or external storage device. Lớn avoid losing data due to lớn improper operation, you"re recommended lớn try a third các buổi party software such as MobiSaver khổng lồ access lớn your personal files on game ios devices và extract to your PC/external storage device within 3 steps. It can even help you find some previously lost data. 

Step 2. Delete files on tiện ích ios device to không lấy phí up memory space

After extracting selected files and data khổng lồ PC/external storage device, you may delete relative files on iPhone, ipad or iPod cảm ứng to free up memory space for Candy Crush Saga.

Step 3. Uninstall and reinstall Candy Crush Saga

You may now try to play Candy Crush on your ios device, if it works, things are fixed.If it doesn"t work, you may need to uninstall Candy Crush Saga & reinstall it again.

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Fix 2. Force a reconnect lớn Facebook when Candy Crush fails khổng lồ load/run

If your Candy Crush Saga on your quả táo device has a problem with Facebook connection, you can force a reconnect to Facebook so to get problem solved:

Close Candy Crush Saga;Go to Settings > Facebook > Allow these apps khổng lồ use your account;Slide off Candy crush & slide it on;Open Candy Crush Saga and connect it with Facebook again.

Then you shall be able to lớn connect khổng lồ Facebook and trả lời Candy Crush Saga on your game ios device again. 

Extra Fix: Friends not showing and cannot request tickets

If you cannot ask for help from your friends or your friends don"t show up in Candy Crush, or you cannot even request tickets, don"t worry. Just follow below guide khổng lồ get this problem fixed on your Android/iOS phone or devices now:

Log out of Facebook and close Candy Crush app;Double click the trang chủ button khổng lồ close the app;Open Candy Crush and log into Facebook và your new friends should appear within a few minutes.You can also join in Facebook group to find more friends who play this game and get more tips with helps there.