An Enbloc Breast Implant Removal BII the surgical procedure that removes your implant along with the scar tissue capsule all in one procedure. Depending on what your Implant looks like, your surgeon may elect lớn remove the capsule in pieces or leave significant portions of the capsule in the breast pocket. This is a specialty procedure so it is wise khổng lồ find a surgeon that has experience with the type of techniques that will need khổng lồ be done during this procedure. When a silicone implant starts khổng lồ leak, you can experience health problems, or an elevated BII also known as a Breast Implant Illness.

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Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

There could be a variety of reasons your doctor may recommend an En Bloc Explant Procedure. Here are a few reasons you may be a good candidate for an En Bloc Breast Implant Removal:

Desire to lớn remove implants made of silicone gel.Experiencing health issues that align with symptoms of a BII or BIA-ALCL.Experiencing issue with a ruptured or leaking gel implant.Desire the removal of a textured implant & to eliminate risk of a BIA-ALCL.

What is the difference between an En Bloc Capsulectomy and a Capsulectomy?

An En Bloc Capsulectomy is the removal of the entire capsule & scar tissue that surrounds the implant all in one procedure. While En Bloc is a removal is a total capsulectomy, which means the complete removal of the scar tissue capsule.

A capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that main purpose is khổng lồ remove breast implants that have grown a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. During this procedure your surgeon will make an incision in the capsule & will remove the implant before removing the rest of the scar tissue. This also is a safe method to lớn use in case a portion of the capsule has by some chance fused khổng lồ the rib cage or a chest muscle & must be left in place as a safety precaution.

What does recovery for this Embloc Breast Implant Removal look like?

After an En Bloc Capsulectomy most patients are allowed lớn return khổng lồ light activity & work within a week post-op. Many patients find that the recovery following an En Bloc Removal is easier with recovery than the initial breast augmentation. You will want to lớn wait 3 khổng lồ 6 weeks based on your doctor’s recommendation lớn return khổng lồ vigorous exercise routine.

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We strive khổng lồ provide the best possible healthcare services through Concierge Membership. Our world-class Aesthetic services allow us khổng lồ be focused on totalistic healthcare & wellness.

Flying Horse Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery team treats each client individually while assessing his or her quality plastic surgery goals. Our expert team strives khổng lồ create personal relationships with each patient, provide high chất lượng effective procedures, và deliver exceptional results.

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We strive lớn provide the best possible healthcare services through Concierge Membership. Our world-class Aesthetics services allow us to be focused on totalistic healthcare and wellness.

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