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Indeed, the actual combat mechanics are identical to lớn last year"s release, with the square và triangle buttons giving way to lớn simplistic but satisfying combo attacks, while circle unleashes a devastating musou move sầu – although unlượt thích Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors puts an emphasis on more reactive duelling mechanics. Instead of juggling your foes until death, you make timely use of blocks và subsequent counter strikes to lớn take chunks out of your opponent"s health bar. Again, it may be the same fighting system that we"ve sầu had over the course of three games now, but it"s still largely enjoyable.Quý Khách đã xem: Samurai warriors 4 empires

It"s the way that combat is presented that"s different from the main series, though – you won"t be following a storyline & mix events during these battles. Empires titles pride themselves on being as dynamic as possible, with battlefields in a constant state of flux, changing as you take different actions. In offensive battles, your goal is always to work your way across the bản đồ, capturing bases và weakening the opposition before taking on the enemy commander – but how you achieve sầu this is up to lớn you.

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You can issue orders at any time to your allied officers, telling them lớn attaông chồng outposts, sit tight và defend, or act as a bodyguard to other units. Meanwhile, your own playable character is không tính tiền khổng lồ roam the battlefield, wrestling bases from your foes & stopping the advance of warriors who are looking to lớn vì chưng the same lớn you. In many ways, each battle plays out like a tug of war, with your own prowess in combat tipping the scales for your army. As is usually the case with an Empires title, somehow finding victory against a far bigger force thanks lớn your own skill is incredibly rewarding.


Speaking of which, the size of your army compared to lớn your opponent"s has a direct impact on gameplay. The bigger the gulf in numbers between two opposing clans, the more powerful the larger group will become, và this forces you khổng lồ think tactically when placing your officers & their men across the game"s strategic maps of nhật bản. Things can get surprisingly brutal if you find yourself with a low number of troops going up against a juggernaut of an army, with enemy warriors cutting you down in seconds thanks to a potentially huge increase in attack power.

While it"s near impossible to lớn find a way bachồng during such one sided battles, there are numerous options open to you when you find yourself in a tight spot. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires rests its strategic elements on the formation and active sầu strategy systems. The former essentially works lượt thích rock-paper-scissors, as you select between offensive, defensive sầu, & speed based formations. You can activate these before battle or during, nullifying your enemy"s formation choice or completely overthrowing it depending on how you want to play.

However, as you progress, cracks start to lớn appear in the system. If you don"t go ahead and activate a formation before a battle begins, there"s a chance that your opponent will come out swinging with a powerful set-up, & things will be rough from the word go. Of course, you could always just choose to start off with a formation of your own, but the gut punch is that there"s no way lớn tell what your enemy is going to lớn choose, so big battles – especially tougher contests later in the game – can be impacted rather dramatically by random chance. And that"s frustrating, especially when you"ve sầu spent months in-game building up your army & preparing for a colossal clash.


Generally speaking, it"s a bit disappointing how this entry feels lượt thích it"s had some of its more complex workings stripped back. For starters, the custom character creator isn"t nearly as in-depth as the one found in Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, & although you can still freely swap historical characters out for your own creations, or even make your own entirely original scenartiện ích ios, it"s hard to shake the feeling that proceedings have been streamlined. On one h&, this makes the game"s formula feel somewhat refined, but on the other, veteran Empires players may find themselves craving more control.

This is also apparent in between battles, during what the title calls the politics phase. Here, you organise your forces, build relationships between officers, implement policies to grow your clan, & generally just piddle about until it"s time to go khổng lồ war. The politics phase offers depth for sure, và can even be daunting at first until you wrap your head around the many different commands, but sometimes you feel as though you"re just cultivating a group of feudal Japanese Sims rather than playing a vital role in the survival of your clan. This may stem from the fact that you"re playing as an entire clan as opposed to being in the shoes of just one warrior – as is the case in the Dynasty Warriors: Empires games – but it often seems lượt thích you"re just helping the game on its way, rather than carving your own distinct path through the chaos.


When all"s said & done, though, there is fun to be had in seeing how dynamic the release can be. Friendships will blossom between allies who fight together on a regular basis, rivalries will be forged as you tackle the same opposing clans again and again, & hoovering up famous officers as you gradually take control of each province is weirdly addictive sầu, kind of like catching Pokétháng. Of course, Samurai Warriors" great cast of characters helps the whole thing come alive sầu, và thoughtful cutscenes keep you engaged with what each member of your clan is busy doing, whether they"re visiting hot springs with their spouse or sparring with their fiercest rival.


Samurai Warriors 4: Empires is another solid spin-off, but veteran fans may feel a little let down by some of its streamlined gameplay. However, its dynamic nature is usually enough to trang điểm for its lachồng of depth. Watching your clan grow and your allies form various bonds with one another is an addictive sầu way lớn spkết thúc a few hours, & Samurai Warriors" great combat system is always standing by for when you"re ready to craông xã some skulls. This lachạy thử entry isn"t quite an unstoppable empire, but it"s definitely a force capable of planting its flag firmly on your không tính phí time.

Good 7/10

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Robert"s been a dedicated PlayStation fan since the days of Tekken 2, và he still loves a good dust up. When he"s not practising combos, he"s usually getting lost in the lademo 100-hour RPG, or, y"know, replaying The Witcher 3.


Fri 11th Mar 2016

I spent roughly 60-70 hours playing this, so if anyone has any questions, I"m sure I can answer them - just copy me in lớn your bình luận. I dread to think how much of my brain space this game has taken up.

Comrade44 My thanks.

Boerewors Oh God, don"t start them off!

Fri 11th Mar 2016

I"ve sầu got this pre-ordered but my copy hasn"t even been sent yet. Kind of annoying.

ShogunRok Well, here is a question: Do the enemy officers use Musou moves in this one? For whatever reason they didn"t in the original SW4 và I felt that made the game way too easy.

Fri 11th Mar 2016

Edit: ShogunRok Are all the officers from 4-II in this game? Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires didn"t have sầu nearly all of the officers from the main game from what I could tell. Of course I only spent two-ish hours playing so it could be possible khổng lồ unlock them throughout gameplay & I just didn"t get that far.

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Expa0 Yes, they bởi vì, but they"re not the "full" musou. They"re kind of lượt thích simplified versions that don"t have the big move sầu at the end. All of the AI"s musou attacks kết thúc with a standard shockwave type thing.

thatguyEZ Yep, every officer is in this from 4-II, but if you choose to play one of the historical scenarios that you can"t fully edit, some officers will be missing depending on when they were born.

And yeah, Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires had all of 8"s characters as far as I can rethành viên. Could be that you were playing an earlier scenario và therefore some officers weren"t available for it.

ShogunRok DW7E was and still is my favorite Musou game. They revamped the strategy system, the sự kiện triggers/scenes were really good và, specially for me, there were a lot of enemies on screen to hachồng and slash your content out. DW8E was an utter dissapointment, it felt rushed in everyway. The graphics were inferior, you could basically win without any strategy cards, the character endings were terribad and, the most offense in a musou game, the battlefield felt empty. Basically, you could only find enemy troops inside camps, và even there, it felt lackluster

What about SW4E? How vì chưng the events & specially the battlefield fare?

ShogunRok Great Đánh Giá. I am a little hesitant picking this one up with your mention of formation guessing. Did you find yourself activating a formation often before each battle? As you mentioned, I would hate to vày all the prep work for a battle and then have it nullified by not picking a formation. Also could you overcome a poor choice in formation picking by having your character in the right spot? I was hoping for a great SW4 Empires as I thought SW4 was the best one yet. I did lượt thích Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, but I liked SW4 more due khổng lồ the fact of being able to switch to 2 characters. It helped being at two places for multiple sự kiện triggers. Do you still pick two characters to control in battle for SW4 Empires?ShogunRok Ahh I see, yeah I barely scratched the surface of DW8: Empires. I really need to lớn get bachồng into it but The Division has been sucking quite a bit of my time away. Anyway, thanks for the feedbachồng, I"ll most certainly be grabbing this sooner rather than later.RamlethalV I had the same problem as you with DW8:E in that the battlefields felt barren when you weren"t inside a base. Fortunately, SW4:E seems khổng lồ populate its battlefields a lot better. There are still times when you"re running from base to lớn base without much action in between, but troops tkết thúc khổng lồ move sầu out of bases & with officers on occasion, which makes the maps seem much more lively. Also worth mentioning that Samurai Warriors" maps usually aren"t nearly as expansive, with many of them featuring corridor-lượt thích layouts. I suppose this also helps - it never feels lượt thích the action is too far away.

As for events, lượt thích the review says, it feels like things have sầu been streamlined a little. That said, there are some pretty cool cutscenes that can happen - even specific ones that depend on certain officers. In my opinion the events in SW4:E aren"t too bad, but there could have been more variety.

Fri 11th Mar 2016

You should all kiểm tra DW8e after the lakiểm tra patch. Now units move sầu out of their base amd gameplay got a lot better.

I will wait lớn get this one, I saw the review coming since I saw Robert playing this last week. Thanks a lot for the review. Which did you enjoy the most Robert, this or DW8EMPIRES ?

Elodin The formation guessing doesn"t really become a big problem until later in the game (and to an extent, formations don"t really matter if you"re playing on the easy difficulty). But yeah, I found myself just rolling with a formation before just about every battle. As long as your army isn"t vastly outnumbered, you can still hold the enemy off even if you pichồng the wrong formation.

For example, I found that battles usually went one of two ways later in the game. If I went with the wrong formation, I"d end up telling all of my units to lớn defend, và I"d sweep up the enemy officers. Once the immediate threat was out of the way, I"d tell everyone khổng lồ attaông xã. Failing that, I"d just hold out until the enemy"s formation ended or I could activate my own in order to lớn counter it.

If I picked the right formation, I"d basically just go all-out attack và steamroll the opposition. I don"t think the formation system is especially broken or anything - it"s just a bit disappointing that it can have such a big impact.

And yes, switching characters is still in this, but in order to vì so, you have lớn have sầu some sort of relationship with the character you want to switch to lớn. So, if I was playing as Nobunaga và wanted to switch to Mitsuhide, I"d have sầu to lớn make sure those two became friends, or rivals, or something lượt thích that before I could go into the commands thực đơn and switch.

arnoldlayne83 Personally, I liked this better than DW8:E, even though DW8:E is the more in-depth empires title. However, this is mostly because I prefer the cast of Samurai Warriors as well as the historical period. That said, I vày prefer the way that you role-play as just one character in the DW:E games, rather than a whole clan.

All in all, if you lượt thích Empires games, you"ll know what khổng lồ expect from SW4:E & you"ll more than likely enjoy it.

ShogunRok Another thing I kinda want to know: The game DOES have sầu 2-player offline co-op first of all right? I"ve heard somewhat mixed messages about this. Then other thing, in DW8E player 2 was massively gimped because he could only the basic stratagems each character had & unlượt thích player 1 couldn"t learn more. If you"ve sầu given 2 player co-op a try, does Player 2 get all the same benefits & features as player 1 in battles?Fri 11th Mar 2016

I liked Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, but, for me khổng lồ buy one of the main entries I"ll need lớn see a superb release- one that separates itself from the monotony of annualization.

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Sat 12th Mar 2016

JaxonH Annualization? More like everyday-ulization!

Sat 12th Mar 2016

get2sammybI was going khổng lồ say bi-annualiation or even tri-annualiation, but I was afraid I might be making words up. Every-day-ulization takes the cake though haha

You know that"s bad when there"s not even a word for putting out this many releases

Expa0 Yep, it has local two-player co-op, but the second player can"t open up the menu khổng lồ issue commands, switch character, or activate a strategy/formation.