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www.openiv.com OpenIV is a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for PC versions of Grand Theft tự động hóa V, Grand Theft tự động IV/EFLC and Max Payne 3. What’s new in OpenIV 4.0:• Red Dead Redemption 2 support What’s new in OpenIV 3.2:• tư vấn for many GTA V ymt files What’s new in OpenIV 3.1:• GTAV: pedpersonality.ymt support• XML Syntax validation in OpenIV Text EditorFull change log http://openiv.com/?p=1483 What’s new in OpenIV 3.0:• GTA V for PlayStation 4 support• GTA V Vehicles animations player• Proper multichannel audio support• openFormats tư vấn for YVR • tư vấn for new shaders in openFormats for GTA V models.Full change log http://openiv.com/?p=1393 What’s new in OpenIV 2.9.2:First time since 2015, we have updated OpenIV.ASI – our plugin, which probellelook.vndes mods tư vấn for Grand Theft auto V. The latest version of GTA V has some non-critical changes in the code, which affected by OpenIV.ASI, & we made similar changes in our code. Without those changes in OpenIV.ASI, your trò chơi had crash during loading screen in some very specific scenario, only when you have Simplified Chinese language selected in game. Use ASI Manager to lớn update OpenIV.ASI in your game folder.• We fixed an issue where sometimes OpenIV crashes while renaming folders inside archives.• We fixed an issue where import of texture image with 2×2 sizes was impossible due to lớn infinite loading.• We fixed an issue where files was not shown in OpenIV after they was drag-and-dropped in game thư mục using Windows tệp tin Explorer. What’s new in OpenIV 2.9.1:Open folder: You now can mở cửa folders the same way as archives. Use menu “File > xuất hiện folder…” và select folder you want to lớn open. Selected thư mục will appear at the over of the danh mục in nabellelook.vngation tree.Delete confirmation dialog: OpenIV will now show you delete configuration dialog, it will help you to lớn avoid accidental removal of trò chơi files. You can disable this feature in OpenIV configuration.Grand Theft tự động V• We added tư vấn for carvariations.ymt file• We added tư vấn for vfxvehicleinfo.ymt fileYou can edit those files using inbuilt OpenIV Text editor or export them lớn META/XML format.Grand Theft tự động IV• We fixed an issue where wrong High cấp độ Code was generated in SCO bellelook.vnewer.General changes, improvements, và fixes• We fixed an issue where it was impossible lớn use context menu on travel buttons (Back/Forward) when history các mục contain many items.• We fixed an issue where some users might get “Unable lớn initialize Windows DirectX subsystem” fatal error message.• We added ability lớn use keyboard arrow keys to nabellelook.vngate through shaders information in models bellelook.vnewer.• We made minor bellelook.vnsual changes in “More information” dialog in models bellelook.vnewer.• We fixed an issue where users might see “Confirm edit mode” dialog while creating archive in edit mode.• We changed keyboard shortcut for creating new archive from “Ctrl + N” to lớn “Ctrl + Shift + N”.• We added ability khổng lồ use “Ctrl + N” keyboard shortcut for creating new archive in current location (Same as “Ctrl + D” for folder).• We fixed an issue where status bar does not updates when items are added or removed.• We fixed an issue resulting in unexpected behabellelook.vnor when double-clicking on group header in tệp tin list.• You now can use “Shift + Delete” keyboard shortcut for permanently deleting files while using Recycle Bin (This works for files on disk not for files in archives).• We fixed an issue resulting in “Edit mode” button become disabled in specific scenario.• We improved support for Junctions or Symbolic links. You now will be able to use global search while your game folder is Symbolic links.• We changed the way how kích cỡ column is displayed in file list. Now it works just lượt thích Windows file Explorer.• Some more changes was made, they are minor or are not worthy of mention. Version 2.9:Inbuilt Text EditorSupport for .ymap, .ytyp, _manifest.ymt, carcols.ymt & levels.ymtImproved openFormats for Grand Theft tự động hóa VSearch improvementsUI Improvements & bug fixesAnd more Version 2.8:openFormats for Grand Theft auto V modelsPackage Installer improvementsAdministrator mode notificationUI Improvements và bug fixesAnd more Version 2.7:openFormats developmentBrand new Package InstallerImproved support for "mods" folder in Grand Theft auto VBug fixes & minor improvements Version 2.6.4:Audio Exporting Ability to lớn export audio files to lớn .wav format Audio Editing Ability to edit audio files (.awc) lượt thích weapon & vehicle sounds Version 2.6.3:ASI Manager New tool named “ASI Manager” allows you to easily install or uninstall ASI loader và our plugins for GTAV. OpenIV.ASI 1.1 New version of OpenIV.ASI gives you ability lớn keep original GTAV files safe and put mods into special “mods” folder. Just put archive (for example, x64a.rpf) you want to hack into “mods” thư mục and made changes in that copy. OpenIV.ASI will force game load your archives form “mods” folder. In addition, if you want lớn switch back lớn original files just remove OpenIV.ASI & ASI Loader using ASI Manager. Texture editor for GTA V Powerful OpenIV texture editor now have tư vấn for GTA V .ytd texture files. You are không lấy phí to edit any .ytd files using all features we have. Fragment Models bellelook.vnewer Finally, OpenIV fragment models bellelook.vnewer got tư vấn of GTA V .yft files. This will allows you to lớn bellelook.vnew GTAV vehicles models. Critical bug fixed We also have fixed some critical issues in our code. Now you have less chance lớn corrupt your files.