3 ways to update nvidia drivers


Game Ready drivers are designed lớn offer the latest features and tunings for brand new games. Nvidia works closely with trò chơi developers khổng lồ create new driver updates.

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These drivers focus on enhancing NVIDIA technologies in the latest games by introducing the newest features. It is widely known to boost NVIDIA DLSS, reduce latency, etc., to lớn get you the best gaming experience.

But imagine if you cannot even update lớn the new game-ready driver version. This issue can affect your gaming drastically. Bởi not worry, as we can fix the installation issue with some driver reinstall processes and minor checks with your PC.

Causes of “Game Ready Driver Installation Can’t Continue” Error

Problems with the Geforce Experience phầm mềm / Installation filesInterference from Other Malware/Antivirus Apps or Any other running appsLack of Storage lớn store new driver updateThe Driver version doesn’t support the graphics card.

Fixing “Geforce trò chơi Ready Driver Installation Can’t Continue” Error

We have compiled a list of alternatives for you to lớn try. These alternatives are a hit-or-miss approach, so try each option until the driver is installed.

Close và Reopen the GeForce App

Sometimes closing and reopening the GeForce experience can fix the trick. We know it sounds generic, but some users have reported it to work. Trying it is worth a shot.

Check if Nvidia Supports the Graphics Card

Geforce supports most Nvidia cards; however, the tư vấn might already have ended if you are using old Nvidia cards. Please confirm if the company supports the card. Each driver version will danh sách supported cards on the NVIDIA official website.

Check Storage Space

Storage problems hardly seem to be an issue with errors, but not all of us use fancy new laptops. Remember, you need at least roughly around 3GB (2.7 GB exactly) of space cleared up to lớn install the GeForce Experience.

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If you are using just a low-capacity SSD and have major games installed, even 3 GB space might not be available, we recommend checking just in case.

Manually Install game Ready Driver

Select the Search option.
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Windows Update should also update the graphics driver, but we recommend checking updates through the device manager and updating individual graphics drivers if needed.

Should I Use a Studio or game Ready Drivers?

Many users have a different opinion on the matter. As game-ready drivers are made and tuned for new games, they sometimes lead to lớn crashes. In comparison, they aren’t always tested lớn the fullest.

But there is no doubt that game-ready drivers improve the gaming experience và boost performance.

Studio Drivers are made for stability & are more reliable in comparison. They are tailored for people who use creative applications that center around video, photo editing, etc.

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If you use creative apps every day, we recommend the studio driver. If you are a gamer, go straight to game-ready drivers.