The Top 25 Best Sims 4 Adult Mods

Sims fans are some of the most creative ones out there. Here are some of the incredible mods they"ve come up with.

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Leave it to lớn the gaming community lớn take a great game và make it even better. From legendary RPGs like SkyrimFallout lớn classics like The Sims, a true testament to lớn the quality of a game is how passionately the user base tries to lớn change it. Whether you"re an experienced god of virtual beings or have sầu only heard about floating green triangles in passing, these mods are sure lớn have sầu you loading up your little microcosm, along with a few little tweaks. It"s truly incredible the kind of mods that are available, và how creative sầu the fans of this series can be.

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Updated on October 31st, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: The modding & custom content community for The Sims 4 is one of the most active ones in the world, with super dedicated creators. With the recent Journey To Batuu game pack and Eco Lifestyle expansion in 2020 having been a major disappointment for many simmers, mods are the go-to way to lớn make the game actually bearable khổng lồ play.

From bringing in new, incredible features that no one has ever even dreamed of seeing in the game khổng lồ introducing features that should have sầu been in the base game all along, here thirty mods that will both enhance the game và bring it khổng lồ a new level of crazy. Warning: use mods at your own risk & always remember lớn bachồng up saved games when downloading a particularly demanding hack pack!

Sims 4 Armaggedon Mod With Supernhân vật Sims
A feature that has been requested by a portion of the franchise"s fans for a long time now is having the possibility to lớn become a supernhân vật in the game. While it"s a bit of a nibịt gameplay feature, it"s an interesting thought, since superheroes have sầu become such a mainstream aspect of pop culture.

The Armaggedon mod allows just for that, and even better, for those times that players want khổng lồ be evil, they can also become a powerful supervillain.

Sims 4 Zombie Apocalypse Mod
Fans of both The Sims & franchises lượt thích Resident Evil will definitely appreciate the introduction of undead Sims in this Zombie Apocalypse thủ thuật. It even features familiar characters like Jill Valentine herself and Nemesis, which is a dangerous version of the undead infected by a spreading vi khuẩn.

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Sims can choose to lớn try and survive sầu on their own or partner up with someone, & even children are included in this horror fest. They can use weapons just lượt thích adults, but might also suffer the consequences of the vi khuẩn if they"re not careful enough. This is a mod that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Sims 4 Cursed Painting Mod
Supernatural và scary horror features are another aspect that seems khổng lồ be lacking from the game itself, but rest assured, there are countless options for those who want their Sims khổng lồ live in a literal nightmare. The Cursed Paintings hack introduce a whole array of mysterious works of art that look like they"re straight from an H. P. Lovecraft horror story.

The paintings are mainly evil, there"s no way around it. They can make horrible things happen lớn a Syên ổn that interacts with them, such as mix them on fire. However, those lucky enough will soon find themselves swimming in cash if the spirits choose khổng lồ favor them...

Sims 4 Syên ổn Killing
Are the peaceful neighborhoods of Willow Creek driving players nuts? Would one day of sheer chaos be enough to bring balance bachồng to the disgustingly happy-go-lucky life that every townie seems lớn live? Thankfully, there"s a mod that fixes this with one go, khổng lồ a point where no day is without its own unique excitement.

The Life"s Drama gian lận introduces a bunch of new "situations" which the active household Sims can witness. Ranging from breakups to lớn a pregnant townie suddenly going inlớn labor, it"ll definitely give the right amount of spice to lớn any neighborhood.

Although there are ways to role play as a serial killer in The Sims 4 by simply cooking bad unique pufferfish and serving it to dinner guests, there are mods that make murder and violence ten million times easier. Well, in theory. Evil deeds don"t come without consequences, as the Extreme Violence hack also introduces witnesses, jail time, và the police.

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The hack is just as its name implies, và primarily contains different ways Sims can attack và kill each other. For Halloween times, it"s the igiảm giá hack, but khổng lồ avoid any unwanted surprises of favorite Sims dying in a miễn phí for all murder spree, make sure to lớn tune the hack before putting it into lớn use. Otherwise, Sims will have a bad tendency to go on murder sprees as often as they get a glass of water!

Players who would like to lớn introduce some chaos into their game but are worried a big mod would break it should look into lớn the Torture và Chaos gian lận. This thủ thuật is pretty lightweight và only brings in a handful of new interactions, all done through a twisted old book known as the Book of Chaos, which can be purchased from Buy mode.

This book allows its holder to lớn kill and torture those around them to lớn their heart"s content, using some of the mặc định Slặng deaths. Some interactions are quite dark and inappropriate, so this hack is only for those who are not squeamish or faint of heart.

Because dance crazes from many years ago never truly fade away, it"s no surprise they made their way into The Sims 4. Dancing is already part of the game, but the moves are, for laông chồng of a less strange phrase, super basic. Add a little flair to your dance parties with a variety of ever-improving dance fad mods.

You"ll find them over at the creator"s blog, along with some fan-made videos of the software in action. It"s really only a matter a time until they have sầu a mod for the floss, và surprisingly there"s nothing we could find that allows you to whip.


23 Make Them Remember You

There"s only so much acting prowess we can expect out of nhái digital people. When fellow nhái digital people perish in the game, the reactions of those supposedly closest to lớn them don"t quite react with the grief of a devastated relative, but more of a detachedly upset distant acquaintance.

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Well, in case this has ever bothered you in the past, or if you"re just generally a tín đồ of over-dramatic reactions, then this is the mod for you. It"ll make your character react much more intensely when someone finally meets their kết thúc, make the sự kiện seem much more realistic, albeit sad.


22 Anything Is A Hat If You"re Brave Enough

Caps, beanies, và fedoras are all well & good. But only true pioneers of headwear would wear a full sofa as a hat, or a canvas painting they crafted on their head as a testament to lớn progressive fashion.

Not many would be brave enough khổng lồ achieve this in their day khổng lồ day lives (we dare you to lớn try) but luckily there"s a nifty gian lận in The Sims 4 lets you try it in cyberspace. The Objects As Hats thủ thuật has an ambiguous name so let me explain how it works; essentially, it lets you take any object in the game and turn it into a hat.

Has your Syên ổn ever been late for a wedding? Are they ever out past curfew? Do they spend too much time at trang chủ, unwilling lớn travel? Solve sầu all these problems are more with the Teleportation Mod! Updated with game patches, this hack allows you to lớn teleport any Sim khổng lồ a given location instantly.

It all revolves around a statue. You can use this unique thành công khổng lồ sumtháng a Syên ổn lớn that location, or skết thúc them somewhere else. It can often be used for convenience, getting a Syên from one place khổng lồ another. But maybe one of them is being really annoying and you wish they would just go away. In that case you"ll want to lớn hit that "just go away" button & they"ll be zapped to lớn a random location elsewhere!


20 No Need To Hit The Gym

It seems, for whatever reason, people have sầu complained that the Sims they skết thúc to lớn the thể hình have been getting fit a little too easily. More understandably, people complain that their more sedentary Sims have been putting on pounds almost too quickly. It probably comes down khổng lồ an inaccurate fitness calibration in the original game, and as usual it was up to the players to fix it.

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As such, they"ve sầu come up with a thủ thuật that lets you customize how quickly or slowly your Sims get fit or fat. Now you can keep them from getting overweight too quickly or, if you"re a gym rat in real life, make your Sims work as hard as you did to get as swole as you are now.

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19 Woo-Hoo!

via: YouTube (DangerouslyFunny)
To make the game more family-friendly, certain aspects of the game were made more discreet. Any seasoned or older player knows exactly what"s going on, but the younger demographic might not. And appealing khổng lồ the latter required some censorship in more ways than one.

But to make it a win-win situation, Turbodriver created a collaborative sầu and detailed hack lớn flesh out some things that aren"t fleshed out in the game. One look at their features và you"ll be amazed how realistic the whole affair really is, both in terms of animation/visuals and simulation-related consequences.

Nature has certain laws explained by science, but who made these laws? In real life we may never know, but in The Sims it was a guy named Will Wright, followed by hundreds of modders who wrote new laws và rewrote old ones. And when you give sầu people that much power, you get things far removed from our natural order like male pregnancy.

To be fair, this gian lận was created to lớn support same-gender couples having children by natural means in the game (i.e., two guys or two girls can have children each other). So I suppose as long as intentions are good and progressive, the modding community has nothing to lớn worry about.


17 When One Relationship Just Isn"t Enough

If you"re tired of your wife getting angry at your other girlfriend, your husbvà from seeing you with that other guy all the time, of if you just want that sweet privilege of having a bunch of relationships, then this is the thủ thuật for you.

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Basically, it allows your Sims to have multiple partners, & removes all those annoying jealousy reactions and consequences. There are also updates that further deepen the cấp độ of polygamy you can achieve sầu. There are also some other strange features which we"ll get inlớn later, features that would probably make the average player too uncomfortable if they were in the base game.


16 When You Need Extra Emotional Support

There are times when a person just needs a hug. All of us at some point have experienced a hug that just made all out troubles melt away, but we"ve sầu also felt those without any passion or empathy whatsoever. Tragically, hugs in The Sims far too often fall in the latter category.

Luckily, for those of us who get deeply attached khổng lồ digital beings, we have sầu this hack. It basically changes the hug animation and turns it inlớn more of a loving embrace. It"s a small adjustment, lớn be sure, but seeing it in action is all the emotional fulfillment you"ll need.

And further down the spectrum of human emotion, we have a mod that intensifies every mood a Slặng can feel, and affects their actions accordingly. Many players have felt that the Sims acted a little too tame.

Well, this Emotional Overcharge hack makes it so moods are more quickly intensified & harder to lớn lull baông chồng lớn normality. A scorned wife might vày something a little more dangerous than just yell at her husband. A guy in love sầu will probably make a huge fool of himself. And a child throwing a tantrum will be completely unpredictable.


14 More Realistic Body Types

We can"t help but notice that the physical appearance of Sims, while fairly customizable, remain largely the same in terms of anatomy. The full range of human appearance is quite vast & variable. From calves khổng lồ hips to shoulders, we come in all shapes and sizes!

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In the spirit of such diversity, the community has created a toàn thân slider mod that allows you to lớn fully customize the kích thước of the aforementioned toàn thân parts & many more. Want to make a Kardashian? Want your Sim lớn look just like you? Maybe want a Syên ổn to look lượt thích he skips leg day? All of these and more are possible with the right slider modifications.


13 Ever Wanted To Be Taller?

via: YouTube (Lil Flaffi)
Speaking of toàn thân image, most Sims of a certain age seem to have sầu a standard height, with little more room for customization. You can remedy this with the Height Slider mod, allowing you to lớn change the height of a Syên lớn match your preferences, or perhaps make them proportional with the massive legs you gave them with the previous hack.

With a few uses of this mod, you"ll see why the creators of the game didn"t customize height. It makes interactive animations out of sync, and using a hack that doesn"t account for these discrepancies, you"ll find yourself giving some pretty awkward hugs.

You"ve sầu changed your body, you"ve changed your height. The only thing still out of place is your now-oddly-shaped head. Luckily, the modding community has thought of everything and came up with another slider thủ thuật for head kích thước.

Not only can you exp& and shrink khổng lồ match your body toàn thân, you can blow up the form size to comically large proportions, khổng lồ the point where the sliders on your toàn thân don"t even matter anymore. If you"re brave sầu enough as a pioneer of Picasso-esque 3D modelling, you can create an entire community of walking bobbleheads and Funko Pop toys!


11 Make Every Kid Look Like Damien


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If you"re not the type who believes all children are little angels, và would previous the nature of their devilish antics be manifested in some physical size, then this oddly specific mod is exactly what would suit your oddly specific tastes.

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It basically gives the option khổng lồ add horns khổng lồ children, customizable by color. You might want them for the aforementioned reasons, or you might just lượt thích adding a little quirk khổng lồ the otherwise vanilla atmosphere of the game. If you really dislượt thích children, you can apply this hack, và use it in conjunction with the next one on our list as you roleplay a detháng hunter.

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