Inu X Boku Ss Anime Review And Manga Rant


Inu x Boku SS is a tale of monsters & the supernatural, but also of secrets & love sầu. Whether human or youkai, much can be said with a kiss.

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The love sầu story in Inu x Boku SS appears khổng lồ head khổng lồ an inevitable conclusion. The master who can't face her true feelings for the ever faithful và devoted servant. There are many complications along the way, but it wouldn't be an enticing romantic tale without a few bumps along the road. But when the truth of Soushi Miketsukami's past is revealed, can they overcome such a shock?


All the main characters of Inu x Boku SS have sầu an alternative sầu quái nhân or youkai form. The explanation for this is they are each the reincarnation of an ancient ancestor whose blood mingled with that of a quái nhân. The households that carry this blood that the 'throwbacks' (as the characters with the quái dị blood are sometimes referred to) are born inkhổng lồ are all wealthy, & each had their own superstitions about the youkai. Ririchiyo Shirakiin was raised as a 'lucky charm', và resents not being given a normal childhood. Kagerou Shoukiin appears lớn simply have been spoilt. But the Miketsukangươi family hold the darkest belief about those with the throwbaông chồng blood: that true power can be gained from controlling it. So Soushi describes being kept in one room, and never meeting his parents, his only real human tương tác being the maid.


Seeing no other chance of freedom, Soushi learned to manipulate women. There is no truth in his kiss.

Managing khổng lồ find some kind of freedom in the Shoukiin household, with Kagerou as his master, this is where he first had liên hệ with Ririchiyo.

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Kagerou's & Ririchiyo's engagement had been arranged since their childhood. Now expected to write to lớn her, Kagerou instructs Soushi khổng lồ bởi it in his place. Finding this a innocent contact a simple pleasure, Soushi gradually falls in love sầu. And here we find the reason for his absolute and boundless devotion. Their love is portrayed as a stark contrast lớn Soushi's previous behaviour. It grows in strength through innocent actions. Moving on from the letter writing, text messages produce interesting reactions from the both of them. When Ririchiyo receives a message from hlặng, she worries she might have an irregular heartbeat. And Soushi refers to lớn reading one message over and over all day.
The closest they seem khổng lồ ever come lớn thắm thiết contact is when Soushi gives a kiss to lớn the tip of Ririchiyo's nail as a sign of his loyalty, the first time he has given a kiss that truly meant something. But his sense of morality is still warped when it comes to love, as he is spotted using a kiss as a way of rejecting an admirer. So it is important that Soushi's & Ririchiyo's relationship is characterised by more innocent pursuits. At the most lãng mạn moment, their love is not shown with a kiss, but rather in the holding of hands. But vì they ever really kiss? And in the kết thúc, does it really matter?