Internet tải về Manager is a powerful tải về accelerator. It can increase download speeds by up to lớn 5 times. The download accelerator is also well-designed for resuming, scheduling, và organizing downloads. Internet download Manager can resume unfinished downloads due khổng lồ network problems, computer shut downs or unexpected nguồn outages. Another striking feature of the download accelerator is that it enables users to download files that are specified with filters, for example, all pictures from a website site, different parts of web sites, or complete web sites for offline browsing. The tệp tin segmentation is done during the tải về process unlike other download managers.

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What"s more, simple graphic and clear interface makes the progarm user friendly and easy to lớn use. Internet tải về Manager supports proxy servers, ftp & http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio & MPEG đoạn phim content processing. The tải về accelerator also can integrate seamlessly into Microsoft mạng internet Explorer, chrome và all other popular browsers to automatically handle và increase tải về speeds. Besides, you can also drag and drop files, or use Internet download Manager from command line.
Latest VersionInternet download Manager 6.39 Build 1 Old VersionsInternet tải về Manager 6.38 Build 23Internet tải về Manager 6.38 Build 21Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 19Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 18Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 16Internet tải về Manager 6.38 Build 15Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 14Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 11Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 10Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 9Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 8Internet tải về Manager 6.38 Build 7Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 6Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 5Internet tải về Manager 6.38 Build 3Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 2Internet download Manager 6.38 Build 1Internet tải về Manager 6.37 Build 16Internet download Manager 6.37 Build 14View more...

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