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I originally created this thủ thuật for myself. However, I've sầu decided to lớn release it khổng lồ the public. They're are a lot of bugs, và issues with it, but I'm working towards fixing them in the near future.

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The hack itself is solely focused on the second Indochimãng cầu war or more commonly known as, the Vietnam war. So far I've added 7 nations, along with basic features (listed below). I am looking forward lớn adding the United States, as well as China & the Soviet Union.

If anybody toàn thân is interested in contributing, or supporting the gian lận, please let me know. Here are some links:

Steam Workshop:


I've added basic events, custom made portraits, flags, nations, some new provinces, states, new VPs, factories, navy, etc. I will be adding a custom national focus tree for each nation, along with custom events, as well as balancing and fixing issues/bugs.

Here are some screenshots of the mod:


Added 7 playable nations, along with descriptions & portraits for each.

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Added a bunch of custom army portraits, as well as starting units, and basic events.


Screenshot showing some of the action going on.

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