Yara Greyjoy said it more than once throughout the second episode of "Game of Thrones" on Sunday night. Và even though more than one significant leader, including her father, was killed in "Home," the one person everyone thought was dead, isn"t.

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At the episode"s kết thúc Ser Davos begs the Red Woman to lớn help his Lord Commander Jon Snow, but she hesitates và then reminds him Snow is now the former commander. She weeps the fact that her prophecies và visions were wrong, in a rare moment of vulnerability.

Davos asks her to lớn help him again, not as a woman of faith but as someone who showed him miracles were possible — she stands over Jon"s corpse, cleans his wounds và chants over him. After the room is empty Ghost, who had been sleeping the whole time, stirs, an action shortly mirrored by his owner, Jon Snow.


Ellie Kendrick as Meera Reed in the latest episode of "Game of Thrones." (Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO)

His resurrection is cause for celebration for more reason the one, the first of which being his strategy lớn unite the Wildings and the Night"s Watch in the inevitable war against the trắng Walkers. The second is that his half-sister Sansa, who is running for her life from an especially crazed Lord Ramsay Bolton, is heading to the wall with Reek and her new-found guardians Brienne and Podric khổng lồ seek his protection.

Sansa in her discussions with Brienne has also learned that the knight saw her sister Arya alive and well not too long ago.

Sansa"s hurry khổng lồ the wall, armed with the new knowledge that her sister may still be alive, lends hope to lớn a potential Stark reunion which most fans have been waiting for since season one.

Arya though, is worse for wear than the last time Brienne saw her. The faceless man tests her, taking on a new identity, và challenges her khổng lồ physical altercations in spite of her blindness.

Arya tells him repeatedly that she is no one, even when he offers her her sight back should she tell him her name. At the kết thúc of the sequence, it appears the young Stark will be getting another chance in the House of Black & White.

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Ramsay, back in the North, learns that his father, Lord Roose Bolton, has had another son. The birth of a legitimate heir trumps Ramsay"s status as he is a bastard, thus eliminating his claim khổng lồ his father"s power. Ramsay"s immediate response is khổng lồ kill his father & sick his hounds on his newborn brother.

The second episode also marks the first dragon sighting of the season. Varys và Tyrion express concern that the dragons — which are being kept in tunnels beneath the city of Meereen — haven"t eaten since Daenerys has fled.

Tyrion walks into the tunnels, explaining that the dragons will recognize him as a friend. He frees them from their bonds, but the dragons for now are still in captivity.


The character who received the least amount of screen time had perhaps one of the most interesting story arcs in the episode. After sitting out all 10 episodes last season, Bran is back & travelling through time.

He has visions of his father as a young boy và Ned"s sister Lyanna, who Bran said his family never talked much about.

The appearances of both Ned và Lyanna in flashbacks fan flames of hope that this season the parentage of Jon Snow will be revealed. Lyanna is a key aspect of the popular tín đồ theory R+L=J and this is the first time she"s appeared in the series.

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According khổng lồ the synopsis HBO released for next week"s episode, Bran will dig further into the past. "Thrones" fans should also likely see a lot of Daenerys next week, who is currently being forced lớn spend out her days with the Dash Khaleen, the order made up of the former wives of now-deceased Khals.