Xbox Game Pass, Top 10 Best Android Games

Updated: September 1st 2021 - New games added for both 148Apps and Pocket GamerHere it is, the danh sách of the best thiết bị di động games of 2021 so far! We"ll be adding more reviews as the games get released, so make sure to bookmark this page và check it every now and then.

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Our reviewed thiết bị di động games in 2021

Every year we Review hundreds of new sản phẩm điện thoại games, picking out the cream of the crop for you to play. It"s not as easy a process as you might think. For a start, there"s definitely not time to Reviews everything, our editors & reviewers look through the stacks of games released each month and piông chồng out those which we think have sầu the most promise. There are tens of thousands of sản phẩm điện thoại games released every year and we only have so much time.

So, even before games are reviewed they"re been filtered through on multiple levels before that selection. But, with us doing so many Đánh Giá each year we thought it was sensible to create this resource, so that you can, at a quiông chồng glance, see the best mobile games of 2021 by review ranking.

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We love sản phẩm điện thoại games!

I"ll let you in on what might be quite a well-known secret, the teams at Steel Media (that"s Pocket Gamer, Pocket Gamer France, 148Apps, App Spy, and more) really love Mobile games. As well we should, because we"ve been reviewing them for over 15 years now, or, if you want khổng lồ vị that weird thing people vày where they add up the collective sầu years to get an obscene number, the sites have sầu been reviewing mobile games for over fifty years collectively...

That means that there"s a lot of knowledge in these halls, it also means that we are quite precise when it comes khổng lồ picking which games we vì decide khổng lồ review.

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Below you will find, by awarded score và within that, alphabetical order, each of the games we"ve sầu chosen lớn Review this year so far. Decide for yourself which of them are the best thiết bị di động games of 2021, scores are there khổng lồ help you out!

5 Star - 10/10 - Pocket Gamer Platinum Award


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4.5 Star - 9/10 - Pocket Gamer Gold Award

4 Star - 8/10 - Pocket Gamer Silver Award


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3.5 Star - 7/10 - Pocket Gamer Bronze Award

3 Star - 6/10

2 Star - 4/10

So, that"s it for now, the best thiết bị di động games of 2021 so far. Be sure to lớn keep checking back, either lớn the sites or here, because we"ll be continuing to lớn pichồng out the best of the best going forward.