Celebrate the Halloween in FIFA thiết bị di động by playing the Day of the Dead sự kiện starting from 29 October lớn 5 November 2019.

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In this event, you can win Free Kicks in The Field chapter by playing matches và skill games. In The Goal chapter, use Free Kichồng Tokens lớn get Goal Points, & utilise Goal Points in the Reward chapter lớn earn special Players, Boosts, & Coins.

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Event Type: Free KickEvent Duration: 29 October to lớn 5 November 2019 (7 days)Event Energy Type: Field Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)Event Player Auction Status: Auctionable on releaseField Energy Ad: Watch an Ad 4 times per day for 3 energy each time (12 per day)Free Kiông chồng Ad: Watch an Ad 3 times a day for 1 free kiông xã each (3 per day)

FIFA điện thoại Day of the Dead event has 3 chapters khổng lồ play:

The Field

The Field chapter is where you may earn Free Kicks & spkết thúc them in The Goal chapter by playing skill games and matches. The following is a menu of each path in this chapter:

The Goal

You can use your Free Kichồng Tokens lớn win Goal points in this chapter. Keep in mind that there are three misses buried in the grid, & missing three times will reset the Goal.

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This is where you may use your Goal points in order to lớn trade them for chất lượng Players & giao dịch. The following is a menu of possible rewards:


Here is the danh sách of the Day of the Dead Players:

RW: Lozano (92)ST: Hernandez (90)RB: Corona (88)CM: Guardado (88)ST: Jimenez (86)CB: Salcedo (86)CB: Alvarez (84)CAM: Pizzaro (84)CM: Gutierrez (82)CB: Araujo (82)LW: Lainez (79)ST: Macias (79)Related Posts

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