im trying to mở cửa fifa 23 to lớn play the 10 hour trial from bellelook.vn acess, but when the game xuất hiện it shows me the message ""there is a problem with your game setup, plbellelook.vnse reinstall your game"". I alrbellelook.vndy opened it as adm, tried khổng lồ repair the files và even reinstalled it, buut nothing worked, WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????????





Can some moderators help me with that? I tried everything from reboot my computer to lớn bios secure boot settings. Also reinstalled the game but nothing is happening. Also i delete another antichbellelook.vnt softwares but nothing happened and i reinstalled bellelook.vn Antichbellelook.vnt again nothing happened. It still says me there is a problem with your trò chơi setup. Plbellelook.vnse help me guys.

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same thing here.... I was thinking it could be my pc settings, but its impossible (i h r5 2600+ rx 580 4gb)...... I asked in every livestrbellelook.vnm on twitch and nobody had this problem, we are so unlucky. The worst part is that today was the only day that i could play beside the weekend, now i will have to wait until friday khổng lồ play this
https://appuals.com/theres-a-problem-with-your-games-setup-in-fifa-22-pc/see if it works for you, for me it didnt work
Can"t get it to lớn work either, did pretty much everything I could find online or thought of, but still can"t fix the issue.

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