Fans have been hankering for more dragon Ball Super since its conclusion in 2018. Here are some options for those who need new Super Saiyan action.

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Ever since the Dragon Ball Super anime ended in 2018, fans have been waiting on tenterhooks lớn see what happens next for Goku & friends. The final scene ended with the promise of further adventures, but these have yet to materialize -- on television, at least.

Despite Dragon Ball Super's three-year break from the airwaves, Dragon Ball has continued in various forms. Và if Super does eventually return, then there's plenty of potential material lớn cover. Here's what fans can kiểm tra up on in the meantime, and what they might have to lớn look forward lớn when it comes back.

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long Ball Super: Broly Comes After rồng Ball Super


Following on from Super's climactic "Universe Survival" arc, the 2018 film Dragon Ball Super: Broly was the only animated, canonical continuation of the series for four years. The movie depicts the fallout from the Tournament of Power, with the newly resurrected Frieza hatching new schemes while Goku & Vegeta continue to lớn train with Whis. The Saiyan duo eventually come to blows with the titular Broly, a fan-favorite Dragon Ball Z movie villain, here making his debut in the main continuity from the pen of series creator Akira Toriyama.


Dragon Ball Super: Super nhân vật premiered in February 2022 and featured the return of the villainous Red Ribbon Army. They unleashed two new androids, the Gamma twins. Super Hero also shifts the spotlight away from Goku & Vegeta, instead focusing on Gohan và Piccolo as the two main heroes.


For fans who need their Dragon Ball Super fix now, however, there are still plenty of options. While the anime is off the air, the story continues in manga form. Since the over of the "Universe Survival" saga, the Super manga has featured two major arcs: the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" saga, in which Goku & Vegeta join the Galactic Patrol khổng lồ fight a foe from the Grand Supreme Kai's time, và the "Granolah the Survivor" saga, where the main duo confront the lone survivor of a Saiyan-inflicted massacre.

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Those craving new animated Dragon Ball in particular can kiểm tra out Super rồng Ball Heroes, an ongoing series of online shorts that tie into the hit Japanese arcade game. Heroes loosely follows the events of Super, but its approach to lớn continuity is so lax that few consider it canon. It's more a celebration of Dragon Ball as a whole, offering fans a smorgasbord of elements & characters from Dragon Ball Z, Super, GT, the movies & even Xenoverse. For viewers who have ever wondered what Super Saiyan xanh vs Super Saiyan 4 would look like, Heroes offers that & so much more.

While its continuity is incompatible with Super’s, 1996's GT offers a different take on Goku's post-Z adventures. Phối five years after the 28th World Tournament, GT sees Goku, his granddaughter Pan & Trunks on an interstellar journey to lớn find the black Star long Balls. GT is a controversial entry among fans, but it contains many compelling concepts, such as a villainous Tuffle và evil Eternal Dragons. It also features the most beloved finale in all of Dragon Ball, offering viewers a conclusive and melancholy goodbye to lớn Son Goku.

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That's all for post-Super material, but what might the future hold? Fans have long-speculated the return of the TV show, featuring potential adaptations of the manga's next two major sagas. As for new developments in the story, there are a number of ways future material might unfold. It's taken a long time, but it seems lượt thích Super is finally ready khổng lồ hand the reigns over to lớn the next generation between Pan's involvement in the story of Super Hero, and teases of future Uub appearances in the manga.

There have also been major developments in Goku and Vegeta's training under Whis. Khổng lồ specify would spoil the manga, but needless to say Goku's desire to lớn master Ultra Instinct plays into things -- as well as Vegeta's desire for an equivalent power of his own.

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Despite Super's break from TV, modern Dragon Ball shows no sign of slowing down. Fans who miss the anime have plenty of material to lớn dig into, & those eagerly anticipating the series' future have much khổng lồ look forward to. Its future on television may be uncertain, but it's still an incredibly exciting time to lớn be a Dragon Ball fan, và 2023 promises a plethora of new adventures for Goku và the gang.