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Valorant is a first-person shooter (FPS) that can be played by multiple players, created & launched by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. It is a team-based tactical shooter in a near-future setting, on the scale of League of Legends. Players manage the agents and characters coming from different countries và cultures all over the world. Download Valorant and give it a try today!

Riot calls it a competitive tactical shooter game, similar to Rainbow Six Siege và Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game is a match of 5 vs 5 with 25 total rounds that can last up to lớn 60 minutes. The goal is to plant a bomb or called Spike to lớn any site while the other team is khổng lồ stop it from erupting. Either team can eliminate its opponent and score a win.

The original Valorant launch happened on June 2, 2020, after a closed Valorant Beta program had been going for about 2 months (since the previous April 7). For Valorant, 2021 has been a big year – it has since its launch become one of the most popular games played online. Forums for the trò chơi are inundanted with players, with the Reddit for the game r/valorant, having more than 1 million members.

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With, you can earn to lớn play this game. Use the client or Riot Games Launcher Valorant, then tải về our small install & let it run in the background while you trò chơi to earn!

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Main game mode. The players decide which group or team they will join, either the attacking team or the defending team. E with each team composed of five players. Agents are known for their unique skills and economic knowledge in purchasing abilities & weapons. Some of the weapons found in the game are sidearms, submachine guns, shotguns, và rifles. While the automatic & semi-automatic weapons should be handled by the players to lớn be able to lớn attach or shoot accurately.

Standard game mode. The match consists of 24 rounds where the first team that wins 13 rounds will be the winner of the match. In this mode, the attacking have a bomb-type device in their possession called Spike, it is planted on a site lớn work. The attacking team can win a point if they successfully detonate the Spike. However, if the defending team was able khổng lồ defuse the Spike or the 100-second timer already passed, the team gets a point.

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Spike Rush mode. The match has 7 rounds. Two teams play the match where the team should win 4 rounds lớn be declared as winner. In this mode, the gameplay’s length can be reduced while loadouts are random for every round và every player of the attacking team has spike to plant at any site. This trò chơi would be similar to CS GO which is also available as part of the rewards system on