Cossacks 3



The Standard edition includes five singleplayer campaigns, which are based on the historical events of the 17th and 18th centuries. Liberate Turin from the French garrison, overcome Ottomans in the Battle of Khotyn, defeat English rebels in the Battle of Edgehill, defend Mogilev against Polish troops, & establish your superiority at la Manche! Prove your strategic skills in battles that determined the course of history.


Become the commander of a colossal force, leading your troops into mass fights with up lớn 32 000 units present on the battlefield at the same time.

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Trăng tròn unique nations, 100 research opportunities, over 220 different historic buildings, and 120 unit types are at your command. Besides the epic battles on land, you are welcome khổng lồ build the greatest armada the world has seen and dominate your enemies at sea.


Send your peasants down the mines, chop forests for wood, and don’t forget lớn manage the crops. Keep an eye on your town"s prosperity and the field victories simultaneously, as if you are the true eminent hetman! Dive into the Golden Age of the RTS genre & explore infinite tactical options, including buildings construction và resource production, a broad selection of various units, và the landscape influence.

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Once the singleplayer campaigns are completed, advance khổng lồ conquer the title of the Greatest General in the multiplayer! Up lớn 8 commanders can compete for the victory or forge alliances against an AI opponent. Bởi vì you have what it takes lớn outsmart the adversaries?

Game Features:

Historical campaigns on the territory of XVII-XVIII centuries Europe in singleplayer.Grandiose battles with up lớn 32,000 units on the battlefield.20 playable nations.100 research opportunities.220 different historical buildings.Battles on land và sea.A significant influence of the landscape on the tactics of battles.Flexible map generator for multiplayer & singleplayer.