Crossfire Na "Client File Corruption Detected, Closing Game File" Help


UPDATE: At this point I'm pretty sure it's Windows that's the issue (or at least my install of it). I plan on reinstalling, so that will likely fix all of the weirdness that's been happening. Thanks all for your help và suggestions.

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Hello r/Titanfall

I have a rather bizarre issue that's recently started happening to lớn me. When I launch the game (from either Steam or Origin, I own both versions and have them both installed in different folders), it will spit out an error saying that it detected file corruption, and that I should reinstall or verify the game.

This only started happening about a week ago, & I was able khổng lồ get past it by removing profile.cfg from the RespawnTitanfall2profile thư mục under Documents. This method no longer works, and now Origin has started crashing when the trò chơi launches as well. I've consulted the ever-knowledgeable Google, and tried all the troubleshooting and fixes I could find:

Upgrade/reinstall GPU drivers

I tried all the drivers from 466.77 down to lớn 461.72. DDU between each install. No difference.

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Delete Origin's cache và working files from ProgramData và LocalAppData

Verify game files through Origin và Steam

Delete TF|2's config files from Documents

Ensure Origin services and such were running before launching the game.

Reset any overclocks on my hardware

Uninstall/reinstall Origin

Try the new EA app

This doesn't seem to lớn differentiate between the Origin & Steam versions of TF|2, & tried khổng lồ launch the steam version when I clicked play. Origin proceeded to complain about the existence of the EA app. Worth a shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At this point I'm at my wit's over with this issue. All I wanted to do was play a couple matches with a friend but I can't even get past launching the game. I've now uninstalled the game và will have to wait for it to tải về again overnight - maybe this will fix it but I don't have high hopes. It's worth noting that both copies of the trò chơi are installed on SSDs, but not the same drive, so I don't think it's actual tệp tin corruption that's the cause.

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If anyone has had this issue before and managed khổng lồ solve it, or if you just have a troubleshooting step that you think I may have missed, your input đầu vào would be much appreciated.

And just for the sake of completeness, I'll leave my PC specs here as well: