Asus z170 rog maximus viii hero alpha motherboard review


Introduction & Closer Look

Brand: ASUSModel: Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Alpha (Republic of Gamers)UK Price: £227.00
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Following on from our last motherboard Review, which was in fact the ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Formula, were going lớn be taking a look at another new RGB enabled motherboard; the newly SKU’d Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Alpha. With shades of the previous Z170 VIII Hero, ASUS have beefed up the specifications greatly which includes 2 x NVMe U.2 sockets for the lachạy thử U.2 enabled storage devices. Also featured is the new ASUS ROG RGB lighting which we did manage to lớn take a closer look at on the Formula review; we loved it, so why would it be any different this time around?

The ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Altrộn is essentially a cross between the original VIII Hero and the VIII Formula; of course without the ROG armour & a few other things such as the EKWB CrossChill water bloông chồng. The Hero Alpha even has the exact same PCIe configuration & layout of the Formula which is nice khổng lồ see và the overall DNA of the PCB points more lớn the Formula than the previous Hero, which by all accounts was a cracking motherboard too! Looking more closely at the Hero Altrộn itself, we have sầu an armoured shroud covering the rear I/O, as well as an EXiaoMi MI shield covering up the powerful on-board ASUS audio components. Up khổng lồ 3 graphics cards can be supported on this board, although quad-SLI is supported with NVIDIA graphics cards such as the dual cored GTX 690 etc.

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At the bottom of the motherboard, we have a neatly placed selection of buttons which include a large red “start” button; this is used khổng lồ power the board up in case you didn’t know! Next to lớn it we have a set of smaller buttons which include a reset switch, a retry button và a safe boot button. All these are paramount to overclockers and can provide solace on open air chạy thử benches/cases without working buttons.

To the right of the buttons, we have sầu 2 x RGB LED strip headers which can be controlled in Windows via the ASUS AURA RGB software.

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Although very similar lớn the VIII Formula, the Hero Alpha sacrifices some SATA3 real estate for an extra, but welcomed ultra-fast U.2 port. There are still 6 x SATA3 ports to lớn play with và these tư vấn RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 storage configurations.

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To show off the RGB functions of this motherboard, we decided khổng lồ not only show off the different modes as well as different colours, but we also gave the ASUS AURA software a small overview khổng lồ showcase what we believe to be a fantastic feature. Note that the VIII Formula is used in the Clip, but the Hero Alpha has exactly the same function RGB wise.


This is obviously a full-fledged ATX Hãng Intel Z170 offering with a lot of features packed under the hood including tons of overclocking tools such as Mem TweakIt, KeyBot II, LN2 mode và even on-board hardwired start/remix buttons. Add the ROG Aura RGB functionality inlớn the mix và it makes this even more attractive, but does it have sầu enough in the tank to lớn secure any awards today? Time to see what the Hero Altrộn is made of…